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Welcome to Hungry Belly Travels!!

Here’s the short and long of it- are you passionate about food? Like falling asleep dreaming of that perfect dumpling? Want to travel to far off places to taste their cuisine? And then go ‘what else can I do in that city when I’m between meals?’ Then you have stumbled upon the right place!! Welcome!!!!

Somewhere out there, not here the original blog was launched in 2014 as a place for me to store and share all of the travel hints and tips I had learnt. I decided to relaunch the site as the Hungry Belly Travels in 2015 to better describe what I am (a very hungry belly!) and what this blog is about (food glorious food!!). It’s about discovering the best meals and wines that the world has to offer and the things that you can do when you are there. ie. go to Tokyo to eat ramen and between lunch and dinner check out the Edo Tokyo Museum. 

I hope to assist people in finding that perfect meal in that perfect place, and to show that you can do it!!! I love sharing my latest foodie finds, as well as memorable experiences from recent trips.

I’m Jenn Flo, a twenty-something year old Aussie girl who has big dreams of exploring the world one wine glass or one meal at a time. When I’m not travelling, Melbourne is my hometown, and I’m constantly in search of the best cooked breakfast and weekend retreat. I travelled in Europe during my time at uni, but after graduating found myself in the awkward position of being single and unemployed with two one-way tickets to Tokyo. Maybe those super cheap, late night, months in advance tickets with a guy you haven’t been dating long wasn’t such a great idea?!? Being brave I boarded the flight and went to Japan on my own with no clue or plan, and then I found gyozas!! This trip changed my mind about travel- I could do it and I should do it! The rest is history.

Welcome/About me


Please take a look around if you want to find the best foodie options for Melbourne and abroad!